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I just purchased a new one, although it has a large touch screen, it does not have the back up camera feature nor the indicators in the side mirrors that tell you if someone is in your blind spots. So, I was wondering how feasible/hard would be adding these features in an after market up grade? Anyone have any idea what this would cost, or even if it's possible to do? Thanks.
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Your dealer should be able to answer that question. However, perhaps someone will chirp in here shortly.
The car does have a backup warning system. At the bottom of the gauge left of your speedometer are your personal info settings. When the car is in reverse and you are near something a picture of the car appears with 3 lines behind it and a loud beeping starts. You can't miss the sound because it cancels out any music that's playing. The lines disappear and the beeping speeds up as you get closer to the object. This feature can be turned off so check your owner's manual. My Shaker has this feature. I'd be surprised if yours doesn't.
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yes you can add backup camera. You need to install a lockpick and a license plate frame mounted camera. The lockpick also allows you the ability to adjust NAV while in motion and also watch movies. If I were you I would go to your local car stereo shop and speak to them.
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