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2014 Rallye Redline Production

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Emailed Chrysler Group Customer Assistance last week asking them how many Silver Rallye Redlines were made in 2014 and how many total were produced.

They emailed me back today saying only 311 Silver ones were made and 2496 total units of all colors.

I've yet to see another Silver one on the road, a black one came by the dealer I work at a few days ago.

I think black was the most popular color probably followed by white.
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I've only seen black and white ones too. Seems like you have a rarity. :smileup:
I've only seen black and white ones too. Seems like you have a rarity. :smileup:
It's nice to be "special" that's what they told me in school!! :D
I never see white, I mean I guess you could say that is usually a personal hunt for me, there is one at a dealer used about an hour away from me.

I usually see black and dark gray, kinda funny because I got mine not even knowing what rallye redline was...

I gotta say though silver looks great
I saw a White one today in Riverside Ca. on my way to work.

Last week a Black one came in to our service dept. at the Dodge dealer where I work.

I'm pretty sure Black was the most produced color.
Chrysler has been very good about providing this info.
I just got this email about the Redline R/T.

Thank you for contacting the Dodge Customer Assistance Center.

According to our records, there were 1,059 Dodge Challenger R/T units
equipped with the R/T Redline Group for the 2014 model year. Of those
vehicles, 277 units were built in Bright White Clear Coat paint.

We are only able to provide production figures as a courtesy for
specific customer vehicles. We are unable to provide a break down of
every combination.
Ah, so the Redlines with the Hemi are even more rare than the Rallye Redlines with the 3.6 V6.
I guess that's not surprising since there are more SXT's sold than R/T's or SRT's ect......
I Have a 2014 Billet silver RT With Redline option.
I bought a 2014 Bright White
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