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2014 steering wheel retro mod

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So I am thinking about switching out my steering wheel for something more retro. Either a Tuff wheel with black rubber or maybe a wood wheel. I know I will lose my airbag and radio controls and cruise control so still debating.
Has anyone does this mod before? Are there any websites where I can get a retro kit or is there an adapter to get that will make the old wheels fit? Thanks for the help.
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Retro Steering Wheel

The electronics of modern cars are so intertwined with one another that you could end up losing functions you would never think of is one reason not to do it.A bigger reason is for your safety and it is ILLEGAL to remove the airbag from a street driven car.I agree the 2014 steering wheel is not that attractive.I removed the Dodge shield logo from mine,fabbed up a black plastic blank to fill the area,drilled a circular hole in the blank and placed a round RT logo I had in there.Makes it more tolerable for me.Best bet if you want to swap out steering wheel is to get the SRT Challenger wheel or the MOPAR 14 wheel.Looks much more retro and is an easy swap.Unfortunately brand new wheel and airbag about a thousand dollars unless you catch one on E Bay which I have seen in the 400-600 dollar range.
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Your guys' steering wheels look light years better than the older ones did. I never did care for my steering wheel in my 2010. I like the three spoke ones with Dodge on them much better than the 4 spoke with the Ram's head in the center.

I wouldn't mess with the steering wheel, it's got an airbag in it and a bunch of other electronics in it. Might be a lot more hassle than it's worth if you were to get started on it.
While the old school wood wheel looks very retro, I wouldn't change out the factory one.
Yeah I think I am going to pass on it. Was hoping to find something that could quick connect and switch for shows and things but seems like there is too much going on for that. On to the next mod.
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