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After tons of research it looks like the solo mach x is the best sounding and best value cat back system for the challenger. I have a 2015 R/T challenger and I'm wondering if the Mach x will fit on a 2015 or if there is still one being developed or if 15's are just out of luck.

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I would like to know the same thing. The lack of responses from solo on this forum and others where they are a vendor is ridiculous.

As someone that has owned two of their kits now I think I'm leaning in a different direction. I sent an email to them before the holidays that went unanswered as well.
Yea this is kind of sad because from all the videos I've seen on youtube and all the reviews I've read the solo kit looks like its the best in sound and value.

Not yet, I'm not exactly sure when I'm going to do the exhaust, maybe late summer/early fall so I've still got some time. I'm just curious for now.
So sorry for the lack of response here…I thought I had subscribed to this one and I didn't for some reason. The 2015 are being worked on now. The valves in the 2015 SRT's have to be retained, so we are trying to work with that, and we need another one in our shop. The RT one is almost complete as well…it should not be much longer on that one! If you ever can't get a hold of me here, please email me at [email protected]

That goes right to my phone and you will usually get a response within 5 minutes. Thanks all!

Thanks for the update! Can't wait to hear the R/T
Update: We are currently working on the SRT8 and keeping the CEL light off with the active exhaust valves. We have a few ideas that we will be testing.

RT and V6: We should have an RT in the shop next week to finalize fitment, with a V6 to follow shortly after. Sit tight…it takes a lot of R&D to do it the right way and not sacrifice anything.
We still could use another RT and V6 in the shop. If anyone is willing to drive to our Mississauga store, we'd make sure that the drive is worthwhile and you leave a happy camper!

V6 kit is now complete and on presale right now. There is a thread in our vendor section for that right now. First 10 get presale pricing.

We still need an RT and SRT for one more day to finalize kits. If anyone would like to volunteer, we could really use it and we would give you a killer deal on the kit. Please let us know.
I really can't add value to the topic, but I did want to swing by and say Chive On Brother!!!
UPDATE: We have an RT kit for the 2015 going out to a customer on Monday to confirm fitment. We think we have it, but will wait until he installs it. He should have it by mid-next week. We are super excited!
Can't wait till they hit the shelves!

Chive On Threegpsi!
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