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OK folks – this year I've been remiss in getting an early start on the 2022 Challenger Z Calendar. I still want all the photos submitted by mid September, so you can vote while I'm on vacay........As always, we would like to be able to get this to bed and shipped BEFORE Thanksgiving (the American one….)

As in the past, you guys are going to submit pictures and then vote on the submissions to determine which ones will be used for the monthly pictures in the calendar. The method we've been using has worked well, so we are going to do it the same way again. Please read through this entire post before submitting your pictures.

Post your questions and comments here:

2023 Challenger Calendar Questions.... | Dodge Challenger Forum (

This is what I am going to need from you ladies and gents....

Pictures of your Challenger -
  • in the snow
  • on vacation
  • at the shore
  • at the track
  • with other Challengers
  • in the mountains
  • in the city
  • at sunrise or sunset
  • under the hood
  • your Challenger in Patriotic settings
  • and anything else that shows off your Challenger as the most badass car on the road.
Photoshop concessions:

Even the best pictures can be ruined be a poorly place parking sign, telephone pole or trash can. If you are proficient enough with Photoshop or other photo editing program, you may:
  1. edit out people, power lines, trash cans, parking signs, etc. You must retain the integrity of the original picture.
  2. color correct or adjust white balance. You may NOT change colors of items in the photo beyond color correction or color removal (b&w). You may also burn or dodge areas to correct lighting.
  3. crop
  4. HDR photos will be accepted.
  5. Photos may be in color or black and white.
Unique entries will be viewed and judged on a case by case basis. While creativity is encouraged, it is not the purpose of the calendar to display photoshop skills.

If you are not proficient with photoshop, we can lend some assistance. Submit the picture anyway and if I can make the corrections, I will before posting.

General Rules:
  1. Please note your forum user name, the year and trim level of your Challenger and the location where your Challenger lives (not where the picture was taken) in your submittal. You must be a member of this forum for your photo to be eligible.
  2. You must submit an 8 x 10 inch, 300 dpi (dots per inch or pixels per inch) or better resolution photo. File size for this size print should be at least 2-3 MB. Bigger is OK. Smaller than 2MB gets iffy....
  3. E-mail your entries to [email protected]. You will NOT be uploading your photo to this or any other thread. You will have until September 13, 2021 to submit your photo(s). When I have verified that the submitted image is printable, I will upload it to this thread. Just because it looks great on your phone, doesn't mean it will look good as an 8 x 10 glossy print.
  4. Whatever picture you submit, please make sure that the resolution is set high enough.
  5. Photos containing people will not be accepted, unless we can photoshop them out completely.
  6. In order to give everyone a fair chance of getting into the calendar, photo contest submissions will be limited to a TOTAL of 2 per member. Final photos on the monthly pages in the calendar will be limited to 1 per member. If you submit 2 photos and both are voted in, the one with the greater number of votes will be used for the monthly page.
  7. Photos used for the monthly photo in previous calendars are not eligible.
  8. You must have either taken the picture yourself or you must be in the pictures (as in track photos, burnout photos, etc).
  9. Professional pictures will not be eligible - this includes professional photos from the the Tail of the Dragon (Killboy and/or 129Photos) We will not post third party credit for photos.
  10. Pictures must not contain watermarks, or any other markings indicating third party ownership.
  11. Moderators of this contest reserve the right to request untouched copies of submitted photos.
  12. Once submitted, and uploaded to this thread, pictures may not be changed.
  13. If a photo is rejected, you may submit another in it's place.
  14. Once you submit a photo, you may, if you choose, send me a message via the forum, or post in the questions thread linked above. This time of year I'm not used to checking that email.
  15. Go back and re-read Rule #1.
The submittal thread will close on Friday, 16 September 2022 at 8 PM. Any photos submitted after that time will not be eligible.

We will have 3 weeks of voting starting at that time.

Prices have not been set at this time, and like everything else in this economy, I cannot guarantee that there will not be a change in pricing. I'll post another thread with that info later on.

I reserve the right to edit these rules as required.
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