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3.5 mods open to suggestion

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currently running the 3.5 pennstar with no mods, have a very low income looking to start off with the engine. not interested just yet in the exhaust or cold air intake, just looking to explore whats possible without physically replacing or charging this engine

again, still running 250hp/250t looking to increase without swapping exhaust or air intake on a budget

any input would be very much appreciated!!
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You may want to consider a Catch Can. It will not improve your HP but it will keep your engine cleaner on the inside. Kind of a budget mod, price around $50 - $150, depending on the brand of choise.

Check out those links
Just to be clear, if you have a 3.5L you don't have a Pentastar. The Pentastar was introduced in 2011 and is 3.6L.

I have a 3.5L and without changing from single to dual exhaust and a CAI (both of which will boost your HP a little but not much), your only performance mod would be a tuner. But then your spending $340+.

I searched around and found a R/T dual exhaust that I bought for $75 (only had 7500 miles on it) and had it installed for $125. Great looks and sound, plus a tick up in HP. You can get a CAI for under $200, if you don't go for a CAI box and not a CAI with the air intake tube.

Without spending some $$$, stick with cosmetic mods. I put functioning hood scoops on mine ($55 from the dealer), hood struts (about the same), and 3.5L hood scoop badges ($35 from the dealer) .
thanks guys, this has been extremely helpful. although it may be a little late (68,672 miles too late, to be exact) I think i'm going to go for the catch can and i'm going to start looking into some different cosmetics. many thanks
If you look around you can probably find a CAI for less than $200.
I have a 2010 SE with the rally package. I love the car. I first added a K&N cold air kit then last summer a Borla true dual exhaust. There is noticeable mid range power gains from these two mods. The Borla was pretty loud for a few months until it seemed to wear in. Looks great with the two sets of dual tips. I bought a RT rear valance on Ebay for it. Easy install of the valance. I had a Midas install the exhaust. They did nice work. Last mod will be a tune for it.
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