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This happened a while back but I thought I'd share it. At the time I owned a 70 Challenger but I was 1 year into a 4 year rebuild and restoration.

My driver was a 1986 Dodge Charger 2.2. Think sporty 4 cylinder that at the time wasn't slow but by today standards it wouldn't get out of its own way. A buddy was following me in a 67 Cornet RT with a 440 Magnum. It was fast in 1987 and is still fast by todays standards. I can't remember where we were going but we were in a hurry and traveling down a rural 2 lane highway.

I pulled up behind a 67 Camaro that was going about 50 when the speed limit was 55. I tried to pass him but he got on it and I had to pull in behind him. At this point I was still on the gas but the Camaro was pulling away. By this time my buddy had the 440 wound out pretty tight and blew by me and then the Camaro like we were standing still. I couldn't see the look on their faces or hear their jaw drop but I'm sure it was a look of shock. To throw salt in the wound they had digger gears and ran out of RPM's at about 100 mph and I slide around them in my little 4 cylinder Charger.

I will never forget my buddy's Cornet, a little light in the nose from the speed and acceleration going by that Camaro and seeing the driver and passengers heads pivot so quickly trying to figure out what hit them.
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