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I have Zoomer's exhaust system on my R/T which has a 2.25" inlet for the exhaust tips. These tips do match the 2.25" inlet and have a 3.5" outlet.

My questions are:

1) Does the 1.25" smaller inlet make the sound tinny/weird when it transfers out the 3.5" outlet?

2) These are 9.5" long tips - The Mopar Quad tips I have on are 4" long I believe. The problem is, the mopar ones stick out a bit already but that's cause some idiot installed my zoomers and the tips are crooked and not even as it is and I think the whole system can be adjusted to make these 9.5" long tips only stick out a couple in. - true?

3) Does anyone have Zoomer's with tips this long or if not, longer? Only slightly shorter? Input?

Thanks, Mike
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