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***Custom Mahle 4032 pistons are on order with a 4 week delivery time.

You asked for it, and here it is. This is your chance to get a legendary Arrington Performance Forged HEMI installed in your LX/LC for only $4295.00! That’s right, a forged 5.7L/345 HEMI ready for forced induction of your choice installed and out the door. If you are planning on or have already installed a supercharger or turbochargers, this package is for you. Upgrading your motors internals to forged parts ensures the life of your engine under the stress that forced induction can place on it.

This Arrington Performance forged HEMI features the following:
  • MOPAR Forged 6.1 Crank & Clevite Hardened Steel Bearings
  • Molnar Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods With ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
  • Clevite Hardened Steel Connecting Rod Bearings
  • Custom Mahle 4032 Forged Pistons (available exclusively through Arrington Performance) With Hardened .927 Pins
  • New MOPAR Head Bolts & Gaskets
  • $4295.00 Installed ($4895.00 if screw/roots type supercharger is already installed – call for details)
  • Rated up to 600 Rear Wheel Horsepower, With Supporting Modifications

Available Upgrades:
  • Main Line Sized and Honed With ARP Main Studs: $525.00 (normally $675.00)
  • Arrington Performance Upgraded Valve Spring Kit & Newen Epoc Competition Valve Job: $795 (normally $900.00)
  • New ARP Head Studs: $300.00 (normally $399.00)
  • Arrington Performance Billet Steel Main Caps: $695.99 (normally $750.00)*
  • - *Must Purchase the ARP Main Stud Upgrade With Billet Main Caps
  • - Arrington Highly Recommends Billet Main Caps on All High Boost Applications
  • Rated up to 800 Rear Wheel Horsepower, With Supporting Modifications
Call one of our Professional Automotive Performance Advisers today: 866.844.1245
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