Arrington Ultimate Street €- Forged 392 Hemi Sale!

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    This is your chance to get a legendary Arrington Performance Forged HEMI installed in your LX/LC or for only $3750.00! That’s right, a forged 392 HEMI ready for forced induction of your choice installed and out the door. If you have a 2012 and up Jeep SRT, your “out-the-door” price will be $4200.00.


    This Arrington Performance forged HEMI features the following:
    • Molnar Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods With ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
    • Clevite Hardened Steel Connecting Rod Bearings
    • Custom Mahle 4032 Forged Pistons (available exclusively through Arrington Performance) With Hardened .927 Pins
    • New MOPAR Head Bolts & Gaskets
    • $3750.00 Installed ($4350.00 if screw/roots type supercharger is already installed – call for details)
    • Rated up to 600 Rear Wheel Horsepower, With Supporting Modifications

    Available Upgrades:
    • Main Line Sized and Honed for Clevite Hardened Steel Main Bearings & ARP Main Studs: $650.00 (normally $800.00)
    • Arrington Performance Upgraded Valve Spring Kit & Newen Epoc Competition Valve Job: $795 (normally $900.00)
    • New ARP Head Studs: $300.00 (normally $399.00)
    • Rated up to 800 Rear Wheel Horsepower, With Supporting Modifications
    Call one of our Professional Automotive Performance Advisers today: 866.844.1245

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