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Some may know I am the co-author of website.
I was fortunate enough a couple of years ago to take a ride in the bombardiers position in the only remaining flying B-29 bomber called "FiFi". (the position is right up in the nose with all glass).

I am taking a surprise trip to Sacramento to surprise my brother in-law who is also co-author of the site. FiFi is coming to Mather Field June 5-8th and is operated by the CAF. You can book rides and take tours on her and I can say it will not only stir your nostalgic muscle but historical, American muscle as well.

I would love the opportunity to meet some of you while I'm there and give me the early opportunity to introduce my brother in-law to some fantastic folks and Challengers. (I wont be there on the final day, but Thursday-Saturday is fair game. I will wear a "Mission to Albuquerque", Diode Dynamics, and Challenger American muscle tee shirts on these three days so you'll be able to spot me.
So if you're looking for something to do, bring the kids for an educational experience and bring those CA Challengers out for a breath of fresh air!

Here is a link to the event: (Hopefully Mods will approve of)!sacramento-ca/cap9

Hope to see a few of you there at Mather Airport!

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