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Auto Stick Not Working

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Dear friends

My dodge challenger 2010 rt 5.7 has autostick. When y move the stick to - or + is doing nothing. Like if autostick is totally disabled. I also tried moving the stick and keep it for some seconds and nothing. I also tried in the highway at high speed pressing in the same way and nothing. Do you know if is disabled or what could be?
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Do you use a tuner on your R/T?
Hi, No I don't have any.
I only improved the audio.
Found this on another site:

"On the upper rear of the shifter is the autostick switch box. It is just snapped in place and easily comes out of the correct location when the shifter is disassembled. Mine did it but I snapped it back in before reinstalling the shifter. Check that and see if it is full seated. You only need to remove the console trim panel to access the back of the shifter and check the switch box. It may have also come unplugged since its connector is next to the one that gets unplugged to remove the shifter from the car."

Maby you should remove the console trim and take a look?
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Thanks Sweden, I will check and let you know the results.
You are welcome, good luck!
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Hi Friends

My autostick problem is fixed. There is a connector under the shifter that was detached.
Recently I've upgraded the audio and remove some Parrot components. For sure the technician detached the connector with no intention off course.

Thanks for the tips.... regards... Pablo.
Good news. Glad that i could help you in this matter.
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