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It's been almost a year since I installed my Badlandzhpe cutouts as part of my sidepipe project, and wanted to give a review of my experience with this product.

Product Quality: A+
Price: A
Warranty A
Service A+
Ease of
Warranty Process A

As you can see from above, I'm a big fan of these cutouts. For my project, I spent hours researching the intraweb, reading every review I could find on QTP, DMH, Badlandzhpe, Pypes, and others. I did not investigate those cutouts that cost over $700 for a pair.

Only Badlandzhpe did not share complaints regarding rattling of the valves, lack of durability or poor customer service. The only complaint I came across more than once was with the wireless controller (which I too experienced), but very few of them.

The quality of this product as compared to the others is quickly visible; the Badlandzhpe are much sturdier and the quality of the material is very evident. The shop that installed them was not familiar with the brand, but knows cutouts and commented that these Badlandzhpe cutouts really stood out in the quality of materials used.

I recently incurred damage to one cutout; road debris split the wires to one motor. I was able to order separate parts so that I could rebuild my cutout as opposed to having to buy a whole new one. I also had my wireless controller crap out. Wasn't a problem getting it replaced.

Charles Gerst, President of Badlandzhpe, Inc. answers emails quickly. He even called me at my request; you won't find a more hands-on approach to customer service than that.

Because Mr. Gerst is a car guy, and not a website guy, the Badlandzhpe website is not the fanciest you'll find though, it is easy to navigate and make purchases from.

The one thing you need to be aware of is there are size difference between the"Standard", "Custom" and "Low Profile" kits and components that might surprise you. For example, the 2.75" Y adapter is 2.75" only on the inline tube; the "dump" or "Y" tube is actually 3". This isn't clear on the website.

My whole setup could be 1" smaller, which might have eliminated many of the scrapes I've experienced; if I ever have to re-do the whole thing, I know now which parts to get.

My point being, before ordering, send Mr. Gerst an email with the parts you're considering, and a brief description of your build, especially if it's a one-off like my sidepipe project was; he'll spend the time to advise you on the which products would work best for you.
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