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Which Tire?

  • Extreme Contact DWS06+

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  • Firehawk AS V2

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Best all around tire in a 235/55R19?

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A member on my Olds site recommended the high performance Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tire that he has on his SRT Challenger. Of course the closest size is 245/45R19. The Firehawk AS V2 are W rated and 105 XL rated, good since I tow. I also like the looks of the Continental Extreme Contact DWS06+. Also a 105W rated tire, just not XL, same 80,000 Km tread life and very similar tread. I currently have the GT Maxtour LX, only 101V rated. They were about the only tire available at the time. I am maybe at 50,000 km and a couple are getting bald, probably from spinning at the boat launch. I was rotating them, the balder ones are now on the front. The handling was meh, I could make them squeal in the corners. I am hoping to make this year on them. Thoughts on these two choices? I have a set of aluminum 18" rims and studded tires so ice and snow grip
isn't important.
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I’ve had two sets of the DWS 06 on my son’s R/T and have been very satisfied with their traction, particularly under wet conditions. I would recommend them.
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You will get many opinions, do your research. I have Continental DWS 06 plus on both cars and am pleased with them. They are a good all around tire in my opinion although not cheap.
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Both are similar priced, frickin expensive up here. It will probably come down to availability and price. I think the Firestone are fairly new, will see if the reviews are as favorable as the Extreme Contact.
Yeah, looks like those Firehawk were released last year.
These are all good Tires
BFGoodrich g-Force Comp 2 A/S+
Continentals DWS06 plus
Continental Control Contact Sport SRS+ very similar to the characters in grip as the DWS06
Michelin Pilot Sport 4s A/S
Hercules Raptis R-T5

If your on a Tight Budget then:
Continental Control Contact Sport SRS+
Ziex ZE950 A/S
Falken Pro G5 Sport A/S
Atturo AZ850
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Yeah, the Michelin and BFG are a couple more options.
Opinions about the best tires are subjective at best.
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True but I want something that won't squeal around corners like these tires, has a better load rating, long tread life and a high speed rating.
Had the BFG's on my son's Grand AM GT. Loved them in all conditions in Nebraska. The only thing that bothered me was the siping came down the sidewall to far, making it look an off road tire from the side.
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