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Best comeback EVER

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I'm hanging out at a Starbucks this morning, just relaxing while reading through the Sunday paper and hanging out on the Z forum of course. I just heard the best comeback from a veteran while I was waiting at the condiment stand to get some half and half for my coffee refill, so I hope this is the right forum for this post.

A few moments ago there was a guy in his mid to late 30's just ahead of me and another guy. He just poured some some creamer into his coffee. Then he picked up about a half dozen of those little wooden stirring sticks and dropped about half of them in the trash and stirred his coffee with the rest.

The guy behind him and ahead of me made a comment to the effect of , "Wow. killing off a few trees, huh?" The first guy paused, looked at him, and opened the palm of his right hand. I could see a large patch of reddish smooth skin.

"Sorry" said the first guy. "I took some shrapnel in my hand and shoulder 7 years ago in Iraq, and I lost fine motor control in my fingertips"

2nd guy, "Oh, sorry..."

1st guy, "No worries. We were protecting our country. Guess my CO should have mentioned something about protecting the trees too."

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Thanks for sharing, that was priceless. I guess that guy nr 2 felt kind of dumb after that reply.
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