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Want to see a Bully's Performance mobile App?

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Quick poll, please comment yes or no.

Here at Bully's Performance we have gone from.having a simple plain Un organized impossible to use website, and being on one forum to having a much more organized Web store, we are on multiple forums, Facebook, twitter, Google plus, pintrest, etc etc.

We put a lot of stuff on all these places and some stuff we only put in certain places. Additionally we are growing more and more all the time and a lot of our customers/followers have requested that we become more mobile friendly, while our website is more mobile friendly it is sometimes hard to find us on whatever forum or Facebook or email or whatever from having to open a browser app a face book app an email app etc etc. So we though it might be a good idea to make a mobile app where we can incorporate everything Bully's Performance into one spot for our I pad, Android tablet, IPhone and Android phone users. I have attached a bunch of samples of what it could be, if you all would use it or want something like this respond yes or know and why (if you want to if not a simple yes or no is fine.


Edit: Sorry forgot to add pics of what it could like :)

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