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So I've got it in my head that my next upgrade will definitley be the camshaft. I have seen many posts of some great HP gains with this upgrade. But I have some questions that you guys may know more about.

1st, I have seen that Dodge will be releasing the Scat Pack Stage 2 upgrade soon. It is alot more money in parts than the 392 CAM and the gains according to Dodge seem to be alot less. I have seen posts where people who have upgraded to the 392 CAM and got a custom tune saw gains of between 30-60 hp, where Dodge is only reporting a 15 hp gain over their posted gains for the Scat Pack Stage 1 upgrade. I would be doing the work myself or having a performance shop do it, so I don't think Dodge will waranty the Scat Pack Stage 2 if I do it this way. Is there any reason why one would choose that CAM over the other?

2nd, Other than the CAM Shaft does anyone have a list of the parts I would need to upgrade along with it? I'm not asking for part numbers but if you have them that would be awesome. Just a list ex. Gaskets, Lifters, etc. So I can go acquiring the parts.

3rd, This one doesn't have anything to do with the CAM shaft itself more about what other upgrades are convenient at this time. I was thinking of doing Headers at some point, and I wanted to know if while doing the CAM shaft upgrade, would it make it any easier to upgrade the headers at this point. If so I would just go acquiring all the parts and do the upgrade in shot.

Lastly, this is my daily driver. I don't drive far on a regular basis, and I try to go to the track every couple of months for fun and to unwind. Has anyone had any problems with this upgrade? Engine failure, check engine lights, etc.

Thanks for your advice


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As I understand it each stage builds off the previous one. So to put the Stage 2 in you would need to install the Stage 1 components. The dealer would be the one to ask about this (if you can find one that knows for sure). The only reason to go this route would be to keep your warranty (if your still covered). Much cheaper to go after market or just install the 6.4 along with the other necessary parts. Installing all 3 stages is only like 58hp and will cost you almost $9500. You could do a supercharger for less than that with at least double the hp. I'm sure you'll get some more replies.
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