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After running a catch can on my old 2012 hemi RAM and seeing how good they actually work I slapped one on my challenger. I had a chrome one on my truck but I didn't think chrome looked good on this car so I went with a black one mounted on the engine with the z-bracket.

I was going to get a billet tech one like I had before but the shipping was ridiculous so I found an Ebay store by the name of UPR products. Their catch can is all billet and is pretty much the same thing. $120 free shipping. I also got my charger air intake tube and 6.4L style engine covers on:

I'm not totally sold on the long rubber hose running on top of the engine, it does look better in the last pic after I rotated the hose so the writing isn't visible. It can't be routed anywhere else so I'm looking into replacing it with something else. I don't know what yet, I don't want anything that will stand out like steel braided hose. I might just but some black wire loom on it like the fuel line. Or I might just leave it alone. I think it looks pretty good, I had to cut into some parts of the engine covers but no one notices until I point it out. Tell me what you think.

Excuse the horrible quality of the last pic, I dropped my galaxy s4 phone down the stairs and the screen completely shattered, so I'm using an old phone from 5 years ago that I kept as a back up. Luckily I was due for an upgrade so my s5 will be here shortly. It sucks because I was waiting for the Galaxy S6, oh well.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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