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Hello, this is my first post, I hope it is in the right place.

So after driving my new used car for about 1,000 kms the CEL light came on. Stayed on for about a week, then off for 2 weeks, recently after another week it came on again. The car runs fine and no issues when the CEL is on. I decided to purchase a code reader and code P2096 came up. Having the CD shop manual I looked up the code and it indicates it could be 5 different problems. The one I suspect for whatever reason is perhaps wiring at an O2 sensor. But I believe the O2 sensor indicated may be the one by the transmission and it says you have to support it and remove a brace to get at it? Something I couldn't do myself. Any thoughts on this code or experience with it?


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Jim, here is a synopsis of the P2096 code.

- Faulty Heated Oxygen Sensor
- Heated Oxygen Sensor harness is open or shorted
- Heated Oxygen Sensor circuit poor electrical connection
- Exhaust leaks
- Contaminated Heated Oxygen Sensor

First of all, let me ask you a question, how many miles are on the car and what kind/octae of gas are you using? If I read that code on a customer car, based on the answer they gave me, the first thing I would do is run a couple/3 tanks of GOOD QUALITY gas WITH a can of Seafoam in each tank. I have seen that clear up that code by cleaning the O2 sensor. And it's the cheapest, so why not start out with it.

Exhaust leaks you are probably going to hear, so I think that is slim.

The O2 sensor fixes, you have to get under the car. Check to make sure the wires have not gotten against the exhaust and and burnt or chaffed. Check the connections for corrosion and use dielectric grease if need be. Last of all, replace the o2 sensor, making sure to use a good quality OEM like NTK. Good Luck!

Oh, and don't wait around on this, it's affecting your performance and gas mileage and also may be hurting you cats(they're expensive).
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code P2096

Thank you so much for the detailed response. What you say makes sense as it is intermittent in nature and now that I think about it, it has come on when it was raining or in moist weather. Then I guess after three successful trips the CEL goes out.

When I recently purchased the car it had 41,000 km. It was used and now unfortunately with winter here I have stored it away with the CEL still on. Now I can't get to it until the spring.

I was told the previous owner used octane 94, I started using 91, the minimum as per Dodge. Other wise I have not noticed any difference to the driving of the car using 91. I was able to put on about 3500 km before I stored it. I will print your response for future reference.

Also it just went past it's 3 year basic warranty, but as it is emissions related I would think this would be covered by the emissions warranty.

But nothing I can do right now. Thanks
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