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First I want to say I am a perfectionist at heart. I can pick nits off of a fleas butt.

I bought a Shaker Kit from Cernini's. When I received it, the paint quality was excellent, but the color was not the correct shade of white. I was not all that satisfied with the fit of the hood either. We bantered back and forth about what to do and they finally gave me some tips on hood alignment that made the hood fit much better, but still not what I expected. Good but not great. Lined up, but not perfect.
They did ask me if I bought the car new, and if it had ever been wrecked, and finally agreed to refund ALL of my money for the paint work they did. The refund was for both the top and underneath paint work!

All in all I am "satisfied" with the deal, and have been told by several car enthusiasts that I should not expect my aftermarket fiberglass hood to fit like a factory hood. When I had the hood re-painted, the paint shop agreed with me that they did quality paint work, but the color was definitely wrong.

Cervini's treated me right. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for an aftermarket application. They care about their customers.:smileup:
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