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Challenger Hellcat Max Rear Tire Width

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Anyone out there measure up your HC rear wheels for max rubber?
Back spacing specs? 10.5" / 11"/ 11.5" WIDE?
Seen a few pictures but no installed customs yet.
Looking for NONdrag set ups.
I am hoping for Mich SS sports, wide as possible stock dia. I have decided to leave fronts stock dimensions.
Cheers all and Happy New Year!

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I am told 11s will fit under it and still be flush with the fender. However, it will require an offset that I do not yet know the dimensions of. I am going to be having 1 off wheels built for my car sometime in January/February after the holidays are over. When its done, ill be posting pictures and dims.
If this helps?

Our Drag Paks will JUST fit a 12.3 " cross section under the car.

The tire is a Hoosier 9" x 30" radial drag slick on a 10" rim with a 5.5" backspace.


With 27 .5" front ride height to front fender lip and 28 7/8 to the rear fender lip
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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