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I got a phone call this morning it went a bit like this
Dealer - Is this Mr _ _ _ _ _ your green SRT has arrived .
Me - Fantastic that's great news
D - It arrived hear at xxxxxxx and your name is on the window sticker
M - Is it a fully optioned SRT no sunroof :4-dontknow:
D - yes
M - is the vin FH xxxx
D - no it's FH xxxx
M - mate I appreciate the call but I never ordered a car from you and in the end it became so difficult I bought one of your Rams . In fact you guys where so unprofessional I got the hump and ordered the exact car you said I couldn't have cheaper somewhere else .
D - yes sir we are very sorry your salesman went to lunch one day and never came back .
M - Well that does explain a lot but your to late I should get my car soon.
D - have you got it yet
M - no it's lost in the Dodge wilderness
D - well seeing as me messed you around you can have this one ordered for you with your name on the sticker for 45 + change ( I nearly fell off my stool )
M - mate I'm pretty committed to the other car but you've given me something to think about and I'll let you know .
So I gave my dealer a call ( he's a good bloke ) needless to say he's not very happy about it and pretty frustrated that he can't give me any info on a car that's two weeks overdue . I'm sure I'll laugh about it one day :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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