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You have something for sale?
We want to help you sell it!
First of all, please use a "For Sale" or "Wanted to Buy" prefix in the title of your post, along with the item description.

There are also a few rules and conditions, and all posts are held for moderation before publication, so if your post doesn't comply, it won't go live and you will be asked to change it.
Please note also that all For Sale and Wanted to Buy posts must appear in this Classified section. All posts offering items for sale or trade posted anywhere else in the forum will be deleted without notice!

Your post(s) must include the following!!
  • A full description of the item
  • Asking price
  • Location of the item(s)
  • Whether you are willing to ship, and whether shipping is included
  • Payment method(s) accepted.
  • At least one photo of each item offered. This must be an actual uploaded photo of the item itself, not a generic product image from the internet or a link to another site, and at least one photo must include a piece of paper with your forum username clearly readable written on it. Photoshops are not acceptable here.
  • If the item is a complete vehicle, your post must include a readable photo of the VIN tag, and must state if it has a clear title or salvage title.
  • Please allow a reasonable time frame before bumping your post, no more than once a week is acceptable.
Additionally, and for your own protection, do not put any personal data (phone #, email address etc) in your post or in any public replies to a post. Use the site's private messaging system (that system is called "conversations" here on Challengerforumz) for all actual transaction details.

If you're interested in buying an item, feel free to ask as many questions as you want, but if you're not interested in buying, don't comment in this section. If you think the price is too high, or wish to negotiate, use the private messaging (conversations) system for that.

When your transaction is completed, please edit your prefix to show "sold".


  • The staff of Challengerforumz is not responsible for anything listed in the classified sections of Challengerforumz. All transactions are between the buyer and seller. Buyers buy at their own risk AND sellers sell at their own risk
  • Absolutely no illegal transactions allowed. No firearms or firearms related items are allowed.
  • No auctions or raffles are allowed. No posting of outside links to online vendors or auction sites is allowed. (EBay, Craigslist, etc)
  • You must own the items you are offering for sale. Absolutely no 3rd party sales are allowed.
  • Internet fraud is common. Don't hesitate to ask questions or request additional photos. Contact any Challengerforumz staff member if you have doubts or if you receive private offers which seem suspicious.
  • All listings expire after 3 months and will be moved to the archive. If your item(s) have not sold by in the allotted time frame you will need to submit another thread to continue the listing.
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