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Dealer gets 5 stars, so does Chrysler

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The story goes like this, I just turned 40k on my car, one of the tire sensors went bad, then the check engine light came on, so I soon come to find out the bill would be $1400 (since I was out of warranty) something with the computer failed, and 2 costly internal senors went out, so I talked to the owner of the dealer who actually happened to be there, he called Chrysler and he told me if I went for the 7 year/100,000 extension they would take the price of my repairs off the bill, that was a no brainier, he said normally that doesn't happen like that but he knew I was upset and I was 4k miles out of warranty, I'm sure I'll use up the remainder on that 2k soon anyway, with all these electronics and things, stuff goes bad. Now I can drive with peace of mind knowing I'm covered. what a day today was. I need a drink
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Glad to hear it worked out in your favor.-:gr_grin:
Was it $2K for 7/100 bumper to bumper or was that just powertrain?
bumper to bumper 7 years 100,000 miles, the clock starts on my production date, in my case march of 2012, so I'll be covered till 2019 by that time I'll have another challenger. I'll make out on this deal for sure, if one visit would have cost me $1400 already. the fact I'm, holding on to this car for 5-6 years it was well worth it if for no other reason that now I can drive without worrying about having to pay for stuff breaking
Good to have things turn out to your satisfaction as we hear enough about dealers that don't seem to get the importance of keeping their customers happy.
Sounds like you were stuck either way, so you now have extended coverage.
They did right by you. I have had a Challenger for 4 years and every time I went to the dealer it was positive. In the seventies I wasn't treated right by Oldsmobile and Pontiac and haven't had a GM car for 35 years and don't miss them. I almost lost my senses and bought a Camaro but I never forgot how bad I was treated.
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