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The ORACLE Lighting Dodge Viper showed up at Evergreen Speedway this past weekend boasting over 1,200HP thanks to a retuned engine now running Nitrous. Round 5 of the 2014 Formula Drift Series took place outside of Seattle in Monroe, WA infront of a sold out crowd.

After some issues in qualifying Dean qualified 18th overall.

Top 32 knock-out battle pitted Dean against fellow Achilles driver Charles Ng.

The Viper still showed signs of damage from qualifying in the Top 16 opening ceremony.

Top 16 knock-out battle the Viper went up against the 2JZ powered Lexus of Robbie Nashida which also sports a custom set of ORACLE headlights.

Dean faced the #2 overall FD driver Frederick Aasbo in the "Great 8"

4th overall FD driver Justin Pawlak fell to the Viper in the Top 4.

In the Final Round Dean faced fellow Irish Driver Darren McNamara to battle for first place.

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