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Deciphering the SS/T 3.07 Rear End

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Folks, I've been scratching my head on this for a while, so I'm hoping there's a Mopar expert in the group that can help me figure this out.

So, I have a 2013 SXT+ with the Super Sport Group package (SS/T). Part of that package includes the 3.07 ratio rear end, and supposedly heavier duty drive axles. So I've seen different descriptions of this assembly as anything from the 200mm assembly (stock) to the 215mm assembly common with the R/T. I finally crawled under the car with a cell phone ans was able to get the assembly and axle part numbers.

So this is what I have:
Differential Assembly: 04593844AA
Left drive axle: 4726009AA
Right drive axle: 4726011AB

So far, so good...

So when I look up the specifications on each part number, this is what I find:

04593844AA associated with sales codes [DMM] [DRD]
DMM means 3.07 ratio, DRD means Dana HD 248mm
4726009AA is listed as a left drive axle for the 248mm assembly
4726011AB is listed as a right drive axle for the 248mm assembly

All of these part numbers show up as being related to the 3.6L

So, all that said, is it possible that this is a 248mm axle assembly?
Or alternately, is it really a 200mm assembly that incorporates the heavier axles from the 248mm assembly?

My build sheet doesn't clear it up, because it shows the standard option as a 200mm rear end, but under the options, it lists 3.07 ratio, with no reference to the ring size.

I've considered changing out ring and pinion gears at some point, but am hesitant until I know what actual assembly I have. Any help is appreciated.
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