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Do Widebody Scatpacks come with Demon Axles?

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I have heard several times over the past couple years that a widebody Challenger Scatpack comes with the 41 spline Heavy duty axles that come with a Demon. Is this true? I have searched many websites trying to answer this question but can not find the answer. From what I can see, the 1320 has them, and probably the widebody Hellcat, but can't confirm that the WB Challenger Scat does also.
I would greatly appreciate anyone that could answer this question. Maybe even comparing part numbers.
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The widebodies & 1320 have 41 spl axles....that's what I was told.
That is what I heard also, but some jerk on youtube keeps insisting that they do not. :) I am wondering if it would show on my build sheet (dealer sticker)?
Check the application notes. The axles are the same for all models. For the 2021 year anyway.

Thanks for the help, but still not sure. Mine was a 2019 WB
One advantage of getting the Widebody. They all have the heavy duty axles. Scat Pack-all forms of Hellcat.
That's what I am trying to verify. I know the 1320's and some (maybe all?) Hellcats have the 41 spline HD Axles, but I am not sure if the WB Challengers do also?
Yes. All.
I'm with you, but I need a way to prove it. I can't find any documentation to silence the "Keyboard Warrior" on YouTube :)
This number = 53010748AA Replaces all these numbers. = 53010670AB, 53010670AC, 53010670AD

Here is the proof. Scroll down and hit the also fits button.
Thank you. I looked at that website earlier. I am not sure that this proves it? It looks like it would fit any Challenger. Maybe I'm Missing something?
Short answer. If you don't know and don't trust anybody else. Pull the axle and count the splines...
I wish I could. I sold my WB earlier this year :confused:
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Any plans to replace it?
Not at this time, but I miss the Hell out of it.
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