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See this link for the allpar article that shows Challenger production by color and year:

Allpar indicates that they will be updating the article so hopefully they will be filling in the gaps for those models and colors not listed in the initial article.

These figures were released in August 2015. We will be supplementing them with overall US sales and production numbers shortly.

Color Code Models Global

2008 Hemi Orange PLC SRT8 4,092

2009 Hemi Orange PLC R/T, SRT8 6,029

B5 Blue PQD R/T Classic, SRT8 1,419

TorRed PR3 All 4,677

2010 Hemi Orange PLC R/T, SRT8 3,514

Plum Crazy PHG R/T Classic, SRT8 2,741

B5 Blue PQD R/T Classic, SRT8 2,031

Furious Fuchsia PHP R/T Classic, SRT8 1,527

Detonator Yellow PYB R/T Classic, SRT8 1,483

TorRed PR3 All 6,694

Brilliant Black PXR Mopar '10 601

2011 Deep Water Blue PBS SRT8 392 Inaugural Edition 863

Bright White PW7 SRT8 392 Inaugural Edition 731

Green with Envy PGE R/T Classic, SRT8 1,532

Toxic Orange PVG All 4,683

2012 Header Orange PL4 SXT, R/T and SRT8 2,225

Blue Streak PCL All 2,154

Stinger Yellow PYV R/T Classic, SRT Superbee 1,819

2013 Plum Crazy PHG R/T Classic, SRT 1,769

Hemi Orange PLC R/T, SRT 1,103

TorRed PR3 R/T, SRT 377

2014 Plum Crazy PHG R/T Classic/Shaker, SRT 1,320

Header Orange PL4 All 3,178

High Octane Red PRR 100th Anniversary Edition 1,715

TorRed PR3 All 4,966

Pitch Black PX8 Mopar '14 Shaker 60

Bright White PW7 Mopar '14 Shaker 51

2015** Sublime PFB All 6,208

B5 Blue PQD All 3,152

TorRed PR3 All 6,747
Total Dodge Challenger limited-edition models and paint colors 79,461

** 2015 MY volume is actual built units thru 7/31/2015

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I have seen a lot of guys ask on the forums about how many Sublime cars were produced, well according to the chart it looks like 6,208 thru 7/31/2015. That's probably the total as I know they had ended the ordering for Sublime a bit ago and were wrapping up production on that color.
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Thats a lot of green, I haven't seen too many in person though
Yep, certainly one of the more popular colors, but then there have been a lot of people waiting a long time for them to finally do a run in Sublime.

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Here's another article on color production numbers:

Dodge Challenger Heritage Colors by Popularity
The Dodge Challenger has now existed for 8 model years and during that time, there have been 17 Heritage colors for the brawny Mopar muscle car.

As is the case with the Charger, TorRed has been offered the most often on the Challenger, being available in 6 model years. That has helped make it the most popular, with 24,781 Challengers painted this beautiful bright red.

Hemi Orange is the next most popular, having been offered in 4 model years for a total of 14,738 units.

B5 Blue ranks 3rd for the Challenger with 6,602 units, but we can expect to see that number grow as this color is likely to be available for the 2016 model year as well.

Sublime (shown above) has only been available for the 2015 model year, but it was insanely popular (and it is my favorite), with 6,208 units sold making it the 4th most popular Challenger color.

Plum Crazy will climb the list in 2016, but after being introduced in 2010 and available again in 2013 and 2014, it ranks 5th overall with a total of 5,830 units sold so far.

Header Orange and Toxic Orange are 6th and 7th most popular with 5,403 and 4,683 units sold, but more importantly, if you add up the Hemi Orange, Header Orange and Toxic Orange, orange options outrank bright red.

The rest list is available below, including the 8th through 17th most popular colors. Included in this list is some of the most striking Challenger hues, including Stinger Yellow, Furious Fuchsia, and Green With Envy. As you can see, the most limited edition Challenger paint package was Pitch Black, which was only available on the Mopar 14 Shaker Challenger.

1. TorRed 24781
2. Hemi Orange 14738
3. B5 Blue 6602
4. Sublime 6208
5. Plum Crazy 5830
6. Header Orange 5403
7. Toxic Orange 4683
8. Blue Streak 2154
9. Stinger Yellow 1819
10. High Octane Red 1715
11. Green with Envy 1532
12. Furious Fuchsia 1527
13. Detonator Yellow 1483
14. Deep water blue 863
15. Bright white 782
16. Brilliant Black 601
17. Pitch Black 60

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I just noticed they list Deep water blue at 863 which is the number for the 2011 IE's (see initial article from allpar), but the color was also available in 2009 and 2010 and those totals aren't included in that last article. That makes me wonder how accurate all these numbers are, but it does sound like more numbers should be forth coming soon, so maybe we will get all the correct totals soon.
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