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I'm looking to replace the old Dome light bulb when I put everything back together- but am having trouble locating one.
the bulb does not have any legible markings to identify it. Classic Industries does not have one that matches in their catalog, and I have come up empty on internet searches.

anyone have a lead on these?
bulb shown below:

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I replaced the dome light bulb in my '69 Charger a few years ago. I acquired the bulb at an independent auto parts store and they had an entire box of the bulbs. The auto parts store is Dick's Auto Supply in Azusa, CA. Their phone number is: (626) 969-5891. If the person answering the phone can't help you, ask for Scott, the owner. He is very knowledgeable about older cars and how to research the part numbers. They can probably mail or ship the bulb to you. I have also found obsolete bulbs on e-bay. Year One or Classic Industries may also have the bulb. Check their on-line catalog.
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