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2010 Challenger V6 to V8 swap full mod bumper to bumper
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Hi all,

I did a 3.5 to a 5.7 swap in my wife's 2010 Challenger SE. The shop I had do it left the 3.5 TCM in it even though we swapped the tranny (automatic) to. After completion the shop then tells me they used the donor parts from a 2009 Charger (I will spare you the book of things they did wrong, is what it is). I contacted them and they said I would want to us TCM 05150241ad if I wanted to change it. Well, I'm spitting off TCM communication errors so I want to work it out. I know those have the VIN programmed into them, would I need to get that done to test it, or at all? Any help or info would be great.
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