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I currently have Zoomers exhaust cat-back on my R/T with Mopar quad tips, but I don't like this "fluttering" sound it makes coming out of the quad tips. My mechanic told me he's pretty sure it's the tips making that "fluttering".. almost "pick up truck" like noise at lower rpms. I just want a deep constant throaty growl... I'm thinking angle cut round tips would make it sound better and the air to escape easier not making that flutter sound which I'm guessing is the sound resonating slightly around the square tip.

Does anyone have dual exit rounded tips on zoomers exhaust I could hear or you could tell me if you hear that flutter I'm talking of or not?

Lastly.. what size tips would fit on zoomers cat back.. the quad tips seem to stick out which is another reason I don't like them.

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