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For RPI Mud Flap Users

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This question is for folks that are running the RPI mud flaps.

I am not comfortable with the way they use the metal clips for the top of the front flaps. One, they aesthetically look poor and two, I am not comfortable with the fact that they could scratch the paint on the back side of the fender lip opening it up to corrosion.

I tried 3M bodyside molding tape using Prep-sol on all mounting surfaces before applying the tape but it did not hold. Looking for options here for those that did not use the metal clips.
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I'm using the clips but we've had one or two drilled holes and used the small plastic pop rivets. I'm eventually going to end up doing this myself.
My rear set of flaps lined up perfectly, so I was able to use the plastic rivets. Now the front ones were another story. I was able to line mine up to where I was happy with them, but needed to drill a small hole in the top of the flap and then into the plastic wheel well liner an not drill into the car itself. It works for me. No use of metal clips at all. RPI need to seriously re evaluate their design on the front mud flaps.
I used the 3m tape and it worked very well. Still holding three years later. Try prepping both surfaces with isopropyl alcohol.
I'm thinking now that it may have been too cold to apply the 3M body side molding tape. When I initially tried it the temps were in the 40's. Gonna have to wait till spring to do it right. Next I was going to try 3M VHB tape.
Broke down and used the heat gun on low to warm up both the splash shields and fender to better adhere the 3M VHB tape. I also used the 3M adhesive promoter wipes as well. Let's just say they won't be coming off any time soon unless someone pulls them off on purpose.
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