Thanks for viewing my listing! I'm selling the wheels/tires from the 2021 1320 that I purchased a couple of months ago. it was assembled in Oct 2021 so the wheel/tire set is perhaps 7-8 months old. They were removed at 125 miles on the clock, no burnouts or damage or anything like that prior. I been babying it since I drove it off the lot. The rims (part number 6DD07VXWAB) are pricey as these are the beadlocked versions. TPMS are still inside (I bought new ones for my new wheels). I'm likely not going to drag race this car in the near (or far) future so up for sale they go. I'm in the Bay Area CA - no shipping, purchase will be in person via cash or Venmo. Pics of the car when I purchased it as well as current pics provided. I think the price is fair as I've seen the rims at ~$1K a piece and the 4 tires would be another grand. PM me with any questions or offers - I have great feedback on other sites, new here but not new to online selling.