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Good news / Bad news

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Been scarce on the forum for a while. Meself and the missus started looking for our first house in September, with a goal of moving no later than Thanksgiving.

Looked at a dozen (or maybe it was 15) houses and despite not hearing angels sing (or "knowing the right one when you see it" as my sister in-law claimed), we found one that cuts our drive to visit our families in the Philly burbs down to an hour (instead of 2.5 hrs).

The sellers by luck were looking to move into their new house by Thanksgiving as well, so settlement went quick and we signed the mountain of paperwork about 11 days ago. Been moving our stuff ever since.

I got a nice sized garage out of the deal and my wife got the rest of the house :D (She deserves it....I made her wait long enough and she figured that when I bought the Challenger, it was the death knell for any hopes of getting her own house).

So that's the good news.

What's the bad news? Well, I'm sure I'm gonna be completely strapped for the next couple of years so it's really going to limit my road trips to probably 1 per season. Local day trips like the Gettysburg cruise, Carlisle and the car show at Fairfield won't be an's gonna be our overnighters that suffer. I'm sure we'll have no shot at Talladega over Memorial Day, but Skyline Drive and Watkins Glen will be toss-ups. Guess it depends on how many nights I stay in hotels for work and how many rewards points I can rack up :4-dontknow:

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Congrats on the new house! I'm sure you'll work it all out and in the end you have a nice cozy spot to keep the Challenger!
Congrats on your new digs... i wish my garage was that clean... Plus you have nice tall ceilings....All good things come to those who wait !
It's always nice to get a roomy garage for your baby. You can do minor mods (less costly) in there until the financial scene looks better.
That's a big commitment, Jim! Im sure you and the family will be quite happy!

Oh, for Skyline Drive, if you can make it, breakfast is on me!
Good luck with your new house Jim.
YAY Jim!!!! So happy for you! It's great to have a garage to put your ride in. Congrats on your new place! I don't see any downside.....all those extra trips you can't go on....well, you can spend more time in your new garage detailing your Challenger!!
Congratulations on the new house and nice garage! Your wife must be thrilled! That garage looks very nice.
Congrats on the new house, you will figure it out (road trips)I am sure.
Congratulations on the new digs. :smileup:
congrats on the new home - as far as your trips go, we all have our crosses to bear :D
Congratulations on getting the house. :smileup:
Congratulations on the new house!
Congrats Jim!! I would say the house is more important, and you have a bigger garage too!
Congrats on the new house and man-cave!
My Daughter lives in Litiz...if you are in that area you're lucky. It's a beautiful part of the country, with good people, and great Amish cooking!
If you haven't had real chicken and waffles, find a small, homecooking restaurant and gorge yourself!
Congrats on the new house Jim. Don't worry about those overnighters either. I've been a fan of day trips for years now. You can do those and save up for the more important stuff.

Jim, Congratulations to you and the Misses on the House.....time to make it a home! So you got the better end of the deal.....the Garage, LOL! Good to hear you guys now have the house and location you wanted so enjoy it! The Garage looks good, a Challenger, a tool box, and a blank canvas wall to hang your big Shamrock!
Congratulations on the new home! Be practical and prioritize your expenditures and so hopefully you can go to the events you want.
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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