Greg's Arrington 392 Hemi Powered, Procharger Supercharged 2012 Charger SRT8

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    Greg decided he was ready for some forced induction on his 2012 Charger SRT8. In preparation for this we replaced his stock pistons with our forged drop-ins, changed out his stock cam for a Comp 270, upgraded his heads to our phase 6 CNC ported heads, added our competition single pump fuel system, and a few other goodies. Finally it was ready for the Procharger D1SC supercharger, and some custom chassis dyno calibration time. Once we had this thing dialed in, she made 618RWHP and 567FTLBS of torque at 10LBS of boost!


    Underhood shot:

    Chassis dyno sheet:

    Chassis dyno video:

    More on the build here:

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