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From Allpar.

Chrysler engineer Chris Cowland revealed numerous new details about the supercharged Hemi engine used in the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

  • The 5.7L Hemi makes its 410 lb-ft. peak torque at 4,800RPM; the Hellcat makes 411 kb-ft at 1,200RPM.
  • 90% of the engine parts are new in the Hellcat.
  • The 2.4L IHI supercharger runs 14,600RPM at just over 11PSI.
  • The engine flows 30,000 liters of air per minute.
  • It takes 80 horsepower just to drive the supercharger.
  • The Hellcat actually makes more than 800 horsepower, gross, but is SAE certified at the crank for 707.
  • There are 21,000 lb of load on each piston; they use diamond coated piston pins.
  • Each supercharged Hemi is dyno-tested for 42 minutes for loads up to 90% at 5,200RPM.
  • Special injectors flow 600cc/minute and can fill a pint glass in 7 seconds.
  • The 8-speed auto capacity was upgraded by 30%, using new disks.
  • The 6-speed manual is used in the Viper, but has internal coolers with Hellcat.
  • The ECU is locked by Chrysler, so if the aftermarket wants to make modifications, they will need to supply their own controllers.
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