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Hello from Iowa

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Hello! I don't have my Challenger as of YET. Been talking to the dealer and trying to find out if the '16's will have a color option of burnt orange. If not I'm going to go with the black. I plan to get the Hellcat but dealer is telling me it is a year wait. I asked if I ordered a 15 now and later find out if a 16 comes in the orange can I switch my preorder over to that. The answer was a big NO. So waiting to hear about color options so it might be a couple months before I actually order. Can't believe the wait this will be...
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Welcome from AZ.
Hello from Strasburg, VA

Hello and Welcome to the 'Z' from the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. :wavey: Enjoy the Site! You'll find some knowledgeable and friendly people to answer your questions or just entertain you. Glad you could join us!
Welcome from north N.J.
Welcome from NJ.
Glad to have you here !
Welcome to the Z from NC! Glad you joined, enjoy the site!
Welcome to the Z from New Mexico! You have found the absolute best spot for a Challenger lover to be except for behind the wheel!
Hello & welcome from WI!
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the Z from Key West! Enjoy!

Hi and a warm welcome to the forum.
:Racing: Hello and Welcome to the "Z Family" from Wyandotte Michigan !!! :Racing:
Hello and Welcome to the “Z” from Pittsburgh, PA! Congratulations to you on the future purchase of a Challenger!
Congrats and welcome. Where in Iowa are you located? I'm not sure why they told you that you can't change the color. I'm pretty sure that as long as you do not have a VIN (ie not yet in D), that you can change the order. You may even be able to change it after you have a VIN, but I've not had experience with that. Others on here may have done it before. To me, sounds like the dealer just doesn't want to hassle with the order change. But, my perception is that it is easy for them to do in the system.
Welcome to the Z from FL. Lots of great info here. Enjoy !

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welcome to the Z...good luck with your shopping
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