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Hi all,

I thought I would say hi whilst we are getting set up in the vendor section.

My name is Andy, I have been on this site for almost a year now using my personal account (al02uk). I have extracted alot of info from this forum in order to help me modify and maintain my challenger.

I had no real way of being able to give back personally, so I asked my employer if we could be a vendor.

I am a sales associate at Westbury Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and I specialize in the sales of the Dodge brand.

I'm hoping that I can contribute to the forum by being informative and also be the middle guy for any questions you guys may have for Chrysler.

Thanks for having me!!

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Welcome aboard, Andy! Thank You for your support! Especially thank you for all the answers you have given us on the Hellcat ordering and delivery!

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Welcome from AZ.
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