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Weighted bags, 3M spray adhesive with spray straw or 3M rubber cement, and a popsicle stick or plastic trim tool? Spray inside the delam, weight it down to dry and push the dash cover back in before it dries.

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My Dash Repair ...


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After searching on here and seen where others gave helpful advice on how to fix this.
I did the one method with the person saying to use DAP / Weldwood Contact Cement

Only difference I did was clean the area under the damage scuffed with 180 Grit 3m
Sand Paper and cleaned with Rubbing Alcohol and let dry for a few minutes.

Then I applied the Weldwood Contact Cement both on the prepped surface and under side of the
Dash Pad Damage area , used a wooden Fiskars Ruler some Black Plastic Spring Clamps
let sit for about 7 hours remove the Clamps and popped the Vent Assembly back in
and this is the Repair ...

After Repair and Drying later that evening like new and 2 days later as you can see all is well.

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This is why it pays to search the forums and read up and repairs like this are a breeze the prep was pretty fast and rest was waiting.
Can't stress enough why so many do not realize the valuable information that is found. :)

Now I would say that JB Weld Clear Epoxy would be better but use it sparingly and just a light amount and let it dry with windows cracked to get the
Fumes out but a better result did this on a Buddies Challenger with JB Weld.



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