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Copied over from the NitroZ. Thanks to Scar0.

How-to Create an Album

It's easier to see if you full screen the Video.
From the Home screen
Click on the “Media tab”
Click the “Add Media” button
Select “An album:”
Click the down arrow next to “Choose an album...”
Click “Create an album...”
Add an “Album Title:”
Add an “Album Description:”
Under “People Who May...” Select the options you would like for your new album
Click the “Create Album” button.
Congrats, your album has been created!
Now you can “Upload an image from your files” by clicking the “Add Media” button
Or “Upload an image from a URL:” by entering the URL to the media and clicking the + button
To view your Albums;
On the left side under "Albums"
Click on "Your Albums"
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