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Drove to San Antonio 5th of Jan met Chad at this home where he and another employee installed IGLA took them about 2hrs or so. Before I arrived I stopped for gas, CC did not work at the gas pump matter of fact 2 CC's did not work, went inside the attendant said, you might have dust on your CC chip (what).. she said which pump are you on, that one over there I said, she replied is that your car, yes I said, she said I like your car, ok and gave me nice smile, as I was walking out of the gas station someone else was looking at my car as he was filling up his and then looked at me and said nice car is it a Redeye and I said yes, started to get a little bit nervous 2 likes in a matter of minutes.. While I was at Chad's place as they were finishing up a Fedex truck drove by and then backed up and said nice challenger, I walked up to the drive and chatted with him he said he use to live in Detroit and use to make the Dodge Challengers in the plant there, so I shook his hand and said thank you to him.

Back to the subject now the IGLA. it works like its suppose to, car won't start without your code or the small black fob, someone can make a new fob but the car won't start with it, if someone tries to car jack you turn off the car fast, give him the fob, and walk away, car not going anywhere. A little piece of mind now with IGLA installed.

If anybody wants to have IGLA installed you can contact Chad at 210-996-0241.

On the way back home I took Texas Highway 95, speed limit is 85mph on it, needless to say I did some pulls with my Redeye, my average gas millage was 20.7 really happy the IGAL and my mpg.
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