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Hi Challenger Z! A lot of you may know me, I used to use the name dodgefan67 but have recently changed it to Midnight Rider. I also recently purchased a brand new 2012 Avenger R/T in Pitch Black to go along with my 2010 Charger R/T in Brilliant Black!!

I am the Charlotte Chapter president over at Deep South Mopars which is one of the regional car clubs of the parent group GigaThreads Automotive Forum Network! If you live in the Southeast region (yeah I know, NC is in the Mid-Atlantic on most of the Z sites) please come join us! You need a referrer name when joining and a desire to be an active member of the club! Feel free to use me as your referrer or any other DSM member here if you know one.

I will be using this section to update this forum with what the Charlotte Chapter has planned.

Hope to see you over there!
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