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Its an Infestation!

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From the far Northwest corner of my office parking lot.


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That is pretty cool, mine remains the only Challenger after 4.5 years and with approx 600 people working there. 3 camaros,lots of mustangs and Chargers.
Infestation maybe, but in a good way. :smileup: I haven't seen too many parking lots (unless it was a car show) with that many Challengers in it.
I like the way you each leave empty spaces to protect your cars.
Are they members here? Sign them up!
I only work part time so I haven't met the other owners yet but hopefully soon I will run into them and make the pitch:)
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That looks great! Who would dare to park in between those beasts??
Very cool....and I like the Mopar parking respect!:smileup:
Thanks! It will be an infestation in my own driveway soon when my B5 SP arrives to hang out w/ my '71 and '14 RT's...Three is definitely my limit and that's only if I can convince my wife... as she thought two was my limit:)
Wow, wish i had that view from my office window. That is almost more Challengers than i see in a whole year here in Sweden.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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