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Look what arrived!!

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So our first Hellcat arrived yesterday evening.

When a Hellcat arrives, it only gets driven by the Prep Manager. Only the senior prep supervisor can work on it.

It then comes to the showroom, where it is wrapped and no-one is allowed near it until the customer arrives :)

(the person touching it in the 2nd pic is the owner of the dealership, I couldn't really tell him off....Although I was close).

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Thanks for sharing Andy! You'll have to let us know how many people start coming in just looking to take a Hellcat for a test drive...........
Oh we've had a few already, insisting that they won't buy without test driving.

Bless them......
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Great way to present it to it's new owner.
That's a nice touch. :smileup:
Yeah, I know that these are special moments for us Challenger owners, so I try my best to make the experience one to remember :)
That's a nice ride and I also like the HEMI sign y'all have up on the wall.

I have never seen a car wrapped like that at any dealerships around here. That is a really nice touch. You guys rock !
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That's a class act! I'm glad the HC customer is being treated with the respect that this special car deserves!

So many times a high Performace car is violated by dealership personnel. Good to see it isn't happening here!
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Very cool, nice to see the Hellcats hitting the dealerships.
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As I stated in another thread, my dealership in Rapid City will be getting a black Hellcat in next week. It is the owner's car. Should be in the showroom on my next trip! I will post some pictures.
It looks good in white. I like y'alls way of taking care of the car pre-owner pickup... My car had already been taken down to the gas station and filled before I got there, without my consent or request! Needless to say, I wasnt pleased with them. Glad y'all have higher standards!
And..... something I've already listened to at a dealership where I was admiring their first Hellcat arrival from 2 bums that showed up in a rust-bucket Toyota pickup: "Yea, my buddy has this Camaro with 1300 HP that would blow this thing into the nauseam." SO I said, "Go get it, we all want to see it." Prove you're not full of shit!
(I was angry) So then he sheepishly replies to me, "Well, right now the car is taken apart to make it faster and he's in the process of moving bla bla bla..." I said, "That's what I thought," as they made their way for the door.

There is no shortage of 'em.

Yeah, we have a guy here who thinks along the same lines, pretty clueless really.....
Nice car! White would be my first choice too! :smileup:
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