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Lookin' for a Junker

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Hey all! First post, so bear with me :p Anyways, it's been a long-time dream of mine to get my hands on some old dodge muscle, and restore it to the looks of its glory days. However, My aspirations have since changed and now I'm more of the hot-rod and rat-rod mindset in that I want some serious powertrain performance and don't really care much about having nice chrome and paint. Something I can have fun in, throw sideways around the dirt roads in my neighborhood and not have to worry about scratching the paint.

I've tried the online classifieds for my area, and even a couple local salvage yards. The salvage yards aren't very good out here in UT...

Anybody know where I might come across a junked-out, rusty old challenger on the cheap? I'm hopefully looking for earlier models, i.e. 70-71 as I'm not too huge of a fan of the frowny-face grille look of the mid 70's models, but anything will do.

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Try this place

Good luck! :smileup:
looks like a nice site, thanks! only thing is that pesky $25 registration fee :/ looks like there're some serious steals though!
They are hard to find. It seems like anything road worthy is priced crazy high. You really don't want a rusty one they are often unsafe to drive.
They were hard to find 20 years ago, much harder now and if you find one I doubt it will be cheap. However I wish you luck.

With this and other Craigslist national search engines I found a few old MOPARS from locals who are not asking crazy money. You may have to travel but it may be worth the effort.

Some bought cars 20 years ago intending to restore but now retired they need $$ for Meds.
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