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Lug nut size for a 2010 SE

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OK... I know there are a couple threads for this, but I can't find the specific answer .. and most other discussions are for RT & SRT...

I'm replacing my 17" wheels with 18" ... a couple months ago when I did my splash guards, I used a 13/16 Lug wrench to pull the wheels... Today when I decided to swap out the wheels the 13/16th wouldn't fit... and a 7/8 is just too big...

Only difference between then & today is it is about 30 degrees colder...

Anyway... anyone know what the right size is for a 2010 SE with 17" wheels? IS it the same as the RT's? I also think I figured out from one of the other threads I need a metric...

Thanks in advance...

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Try a 21mm deep well socket.
Will do... thanks for the reply...

Think I'll just go to Harbor Freight & buy a Torque wrench & metric deepwell socket set & start doing rotations myself... not very happy with the job my dealer's Quick Lube is doing when they rotate...

Thanks again.
Just to follow up... 22mm seems to be it... the 21mm didn't go on at all, but the 22 is a good fit on must the lugs & a hair loose on others.

Guessing impact wrench @ the dealer has just got them out of shape.

Thanks for the help.

The factory lugs have a 'shell' over the actual lug for ornamental purposes. After repeated use of an impact wrench some have experienced damaged lugs where the 'shell' just rotates and not the actual mechanical you're screwed if you need to change a tire on the road.
I switched to "Gorilla" lugs (solid lug) to avoid the possible problem. You can get these from SpeedLogix, one of our site vendors.
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