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I have installed 4 of XK Glows LED Dome Light Bulbs in the interior of my Challenger and thought I'd share the process with the forumz. For starters, these things are expensive at $29 a pop, but I wanted the ability to change the colors with my phone so I bit the bullet.

BEFORE DOING: The front two reading lights are part of the CAN bus system so will not operate properly without additional modification. If the door is open or the dimmer dial is turned to the max setting, they will come on. If you push the button, they will not come on. I fixed this by cutting the wire for the reading light circuit (Yellow with Light Blue stripe) at the headliner side of the wiring harness located behind the passenger side A Pillar and tapping it into the Red with Dark Green stripe wire. This is a fused positive circuit that is not part of the CAN bus system so the lights operate properly.

Front Reading Lights:
1) Remove the reading light assembly by pulling down on it and then unplugging the 1 or 2 wire connectors (2 if you have garage door controls, 1 if you don't)
2) Use a small flat head screw driver in the bottom inside corner to remove the clear plastic covers
3) Remove the rectangular metal silver heat shield and remove the old bulb
4) Remove the curved metal light diffuser (this is adhered into place so consider this a mod that would be difficult but not impossible to reverse)
5) Insert the Festoon light insert into where the factory bulb was (Positive on the outside, Negative on the inside)
6) Route the red and black wire to behind the reading light assembly
7) Place the rectangular metal heat shield back into place
8) Position the square XK Glow Dome Light Bulbs into place using the provided double sided adhesive
9) Route the black and red wire to behind the reading light assembly
10) Connect the wires behind the reading light assembly
11) Reinstall the reading light assembly

Rear "Grab Handle" Lights:
0) This requires both dropping your headliner partially AND tapping into factory wiring. This circuit is not part of the CAN bus system, but the LED for this area is soldered onto a board, so you tap into the wires feeding the board.
1) Remove both rear B pillar covers around the Dorito window.
2) Remove both coat hanger clips
3) Remove the Passenger grab handle (and driver grab handle on 2015+)
4) Pull down at the top third brake light
- You should now be able to drop the headliner enough to access these two lights. The large base behind the headliner clips into the small circular ring on the inside of the headliner. Unplug these two lights. I recommend pushing the third brake light clip back to prevent any bends in the headliner from hanging too long (it is VERY resilient, but safety first)
5) Once you have the lights remove, separate the housing by depressing the 4 clips around the edges using a small flathead or similar object.
6) Remove the circuit board and LED light from the housing
7) Cut the circuit board out (Yellow is Positive, Black is Ground)
8) Cut the red and black wires from your XK Glow Light. Route these wires out under the large opening opposite the hinge and solder Black to Black and Red to Yellow. I used comparable gauge Black and Red wire for extra length but this is not necessary.
9) Using the provided double sided adhesive, place the XK Glow Dome Light in the center of the housing
10) Plug back in and reinstall all interior pieces

You can control all 4 individually or group them together and control simultaneously. I set them to match the factory Greenish light and love the final result.


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