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Hello members!

I believe strongly in the American way. In supporting American small business, entrepreneurship, and helping others when we can.

So with that in mind, we are creating the Member Marketplace. This marketplace is for those of our members who own small businesses, create their own products, offer services, etc.

By using the Member Marketplace, you will be able to promote your products and services to our membership, and the world at large. It's free so long as you are a Level 5 Site Supporter.

To qualify to use the Member Marketplace you have to meet a few guidelines. They are as follows.

  1. Must be a Level 5 Site Supporter
  2. Must live in the USA.
  3. Must not sell anything vehicle related. (Must be a vendor for that.)
  4. Must not sell decals or T-Shirts as not to compete with the site.
  5. Must keep all posts concerning your business within your Marketplace sub-forum just like our vendors do. You may not discuss your business outside of your Marketplace forum.
  6. Must keep your section updated frequently. Dead Marketplace forums will be removed.
  7. You will be made a moderator of your Marketplace forum. It is up to you to enforce the overall forum rules, and set your own rules for your section. Z Staff will NOT do that for you, or step in to handle any issues unless it is a clear violation of our general site rules.

We may add and/or change the rules at any time.

So for example, if you make custom picture frames, jewelry, knives, furniture, or whatever, this is an excellent opportunity to promote that. If you are a photographer and want to offer your services this is an excellent place to advertise that.

If you want to join the Marketplace, let me or another Admin know. We will create your sub-forum and off you go.

What we need to get you going:

  1. Current Level 5 Subscription is Active.
  2. Business name.
  3. Short business description.
  4. 130x30px logo (if you want to better highlight your marketplace forum.)

This is a great opportunity. :)

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I just read this thread, great idea Clay.

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I think it could be a great opportunity with support from the forum. Still kicking it around for my business. Thanks for extending this opportunity to members.
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