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Mtg. w/Engineers Tues. about Hemi Tick-Help

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I'm meeting at dealership and maybe 2 Engineers this Tues. concerning the Hemi Tick and my engine. This case is being followed by Mr. Gorlier, Chief Exec. Officer & Pres. of Mopar Service, Parts & Customer Service.

This maybe a good chance to get there attention about this issue, like the TC. What questions do you think I should ask? Points to be made, concerns. I'm looking for input from anyone dealing with this.

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I will certainly be glad to hear what they come up with, I owned my first hemi in my 2003 Ram, it didn't tick, not sure why this 2014 ticks like crazy.

No real complaints here, though I don't like the way the rear cradle is hung so softly, the rear of this car wags too much, mounting the rear cradle more solid, like the hopnot kit would be a big improvement.
I would be concerned about what the tick means for the engine long term, specifically past the powertrain warranty. Is the tick only annoying, or does the source of the tick spell out problems for the life of the engine? I've a thread on a Charger forum that the tick is caused by valve springs rubbing against the spring cups and causing wear in the processhttp://www.******************/forums/showthread.php?t=129050. Since this claim involved an admission from an unnamed Chrysler Technical Rep, I would definitely reference it in your conversation with the engineers.
How loud is this tic? Is it hard to hear or is it very noticeable?
mine is loud, easy to hear over all the other engine noise, and tranny noise, it is on passenger side of motor, top end, sounds like old chevy V8 lifter tick,
its been there since the day I drove it home, only have 150 miles on the car, I am hoping maybe it gets better with break in
I don't want a dealer mechanic opening up my motor
Mine is most obvious at 1800-2200 rpm's. It started at 3100 miles after first oil change.
no news at all?
Well some how "I" got the information wrong. No engineers were there. An engineer did talk to Service Mgr. and told him there was no fix for the Hemi Tick. They thought the Challenger was lacking on engine bay insulation. What a crock! When they are finished with my car finding the oil leak, I will post Mr. Gorlier's email address. So you can personally let him know what you think of the Hemi Tick. So far they gave me 4 synthetic oil changes over 2 years free and a Premium Lifetime Power Train warranty, free. Later.
Sorry to hear about your issues. I have owned and had a friend own a few Hemi's. This is what I saw:

My 04 1500, does not have a tick, my 05 Magnum RT had the tick, my friends 03 1500 and his Jeep Commander have a tick but my SRT8 does not.

I had almost 90k miles on my Magnum with no engine issues. Not sure about the tick but I am always reading these threads when I see them.
wow, not the warm fuzzy I thought you might get, no heavy hitters at the meeting, Hummm

We might be on our own
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