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2022 Challenger ScatPack 6 spd
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2021 R/T Scat Pack Shaker Widebody. Yes, I looked at PowerStop, and even called them and was told they had nothing to offer me for the 2021 model year.

I can't say, I have nothing to compare it with. I drive quite aggressively, but only in the city.
Ok well I keep hearing everyone keep stating its a heavy car, but since I'm coming from full sized pickup trucks I don't buy that excuse. They're either really crappy pads or people just a lot of burnouts. Since mine only has 1,500 miles on it I'll have to wait to see what they look like at xxxxx mileage.

For example I replaced my pads on my 2020 Nissan Titan on labor day weekend. At the time, the truck had 70,000 miles on it since I purchased it new. When I pulled the pads out and compared it with the factory replacement I purchased I thought it was a complete waste of time 😆. They didn't look much thinner than the new ones. Oh well, it's called preventive maintenance. The truck was my daily driver to work 106 miles per day plus any running to lunch, gym, store etc.
All that to say I have a difficult time buying into the "its a heavy car" comments I've seen others make in reference to brake pads wear.
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